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    Install microsoft visual redistributable 2019 found here: https://aka.ms/vs/16/release/vc_redist.x64.exe Dank: 1. Make sure Intel Virtualization technology or AMD-SVM is enabled 2. Make sure firewall is fully disabled 3. Make sure windows defender is fully disabled ———————————— 4. Run discord as admin, make sure in game overlay is enabled. 5. Run the cheat , inject and wait for all process to be completed 6. Run the game launcher 7. Run the game , make sure discord overlay popups when the game runs 8. Inject by pressing END at the menu ERROR CODES AND COMMON FIXES! 1. 0x5 Error = Enable Virtualization (step 1 in the guide above) 2. Opens for 2 secs, then close = Install newest graphics driver. 3. ESP etc not working = make sure game is in borderless mode 4. kmode error (Bluescreen with "Kmode" ID) = then they didnt enable their discord overlay properly so the popup didnt show up, please make sure discord overlay is enabled correctly and that the popup appears when launching the game
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